Why Buy Refurbished From T1A?

When buying a refurbished desktop or laptop from T1A you get a
product with our high Scandinavian quality standards.

We are your assurance of a 100% data erasure and GDPR compliant product that goes through a certified, qualified and environment
friendly 20 points
refurbishing process that is 100% approved. The refurbished process are as follows:

  1. Cleaned inside and out
  2. All previous data is 100% erased and are compliant with the upcoming GDPR changes
  3. Cosmetic check
  4. Power (I/O) check
  5. Specification check
  6. Working optical drive (if present)
  7. Working HDD or SDD
  8. Windows software installed (MAR)
  9. Asset tags removed
  10. BIOS tags removed
  11. BIOS battery checked/replaced if needed
  12. Rubber feet checked/replaced if needed
  13. Covers checked/replaced if needed
  14. Keyboard re-printed and checked
  15. Touchpad checked/replaced if needed
  16. Laptop battery checked (minimum 50% of original capacity)
  17. Display checked for scratches/damage
  18. Single box packed
  19. Power supply
  20. 24 months RTB warranty as standard

There are three good reasons as to why you should buy a refurbished desktop or Laptop computer from us:

We only sell quality business computers to keep our promise on products of a high standard

A business laptop or desktop are more rugged design and will get you more long-lasting value, thanks to the use of premium materials. T1A uses only top quality desktops and laptop brands like Lenovo, Dell and HP. We use only the top quality range models from these brands to insure you the best quality and long lasting computer.

Saving you money by buying refurbished business laptop or desktop

If you are looking for a new computer you can save money on buying a refurbished quality business computer from T1A. Not only will you get a better computer, as mentioned above, but you will also get a computer that will last you longer for many years to come.

Environment friendly solution

Are you concerned with the enorms impact pollution and dumping of electronic waste has on the environment? Then buying a refurbished computer is a great alternative then buying new computers. Help us protect the environment by buying our refurbished products.

Why buy a used computer
and not a new one?

When you buy a refurbished desktop from T1A you will not only save on your IT budget but also save the environment 144kg of CO2 food print that is equivalent to what 7316 trees absorb in a day or removing 25 cars from the roads.

When you buy a laptop from T1A you save the environment 195kg of CO2 food print that is equivalent to what 9907 trees absorb in a day or removing 34 cars from the roads.

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