Common FAQ

Detailed below are a selection of common frequently asked questions (FAQ). Should you still require more information please contact us today.

What quality can I expect from a T1A product?

A T1A desktop or laptop has gone through a thorough and certified refurbished process. This process goes through the following 20 points:
  1. Cleaned inside and out
  2. All previous data is 100% erased and are compliant with the upcoming GDPR changes
  3. Cosmetic check
  4. Power (I/O) check
  5. Specification check
  6. Working optical drive (if present)
  7. Working HDD or SDD
  8. Windows software installed (MAR)
  9. Asset tags removed
  10. BIOS tags removed
  11. BIOS battery checked/replaced if needed
  12. Rubber feet checked/replaced if needed
  13. Covers checked/replaced if needed
  14. Keyboard re-printed and checked
  15. Touchpad checked/replaced if needed
  16. Laptop battery checked (minimum 50% of original capacity)
  17. Display checked for scratches/damage
  18. Single box packed
  19. Power supply
  20. 24 months RTB warranty as standard
The quality of a T1A desktop or laptop will be in top condition but can have few wears, bumps or up to 10-pixel errors.

What does a refurbished PC or laptop mean?

The term “refurbished” is used to describe products that were returned to the manufacturer, inspected, brought back to the original manufacturer’s specification, then tested and re-packaged for sale. In the EU alone 8.7 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced each year, but only 2.1 million tonnes are collected and recycled in a controlled system. The constant renewal of the computer stock is necessary because the machinery and technology become obsolete. At T1A we take great pride in refurbishing only the very best products straight from large Corporations and Enterprises.

My T1A computer does have scratches on the hardware. Is that normal?

When you buy refurbished it means you buy a used computer that can have scratches on the hardware. That is normal.

Are the keyboards or touchpad in a good state?

Yes, Keyboard is re-printed and touchpad changed if not up to par.

Is there a warranty on the product I buy?

Yes. You get 24 months warranty on a Laptop or Desktop you buy from T1A.

From when does my warranty start?

From the date, you purchase the product.

Why do T1A’s refurbished computer’s have two Certificates of Authenticity?

The refurbished T1A desktop or laptop has a second Certificate of Authenticity, apart from the one that was installed from when the computer was purchased new. Because the license, from when the computer was purchased from new, will not last for long. When buying a refurbished computer from T1A you will have a new license for the refurbished computer. The license is included in the price when buying a T1A computer and you will not need to renew the license. You only need to activate it.