5 unique workstyles are defined and solutions built to
each persona’s productivity needs

On-the-Go Professionals

These fast-moving employees demand access to people, programs and data from anywhere


Increase Convenience

Give the on-the-go segment lighter, more portable devices and consider moving to tablets and convertibles.

Boost Productivity

Reduce the number of devices to be carried and kick-start efficiency with devices that multitask, such as convertibles.

Improve Sharing

Let users quickly share and collaborate via wireless projection, content sharing or desktop video conferencing.

Get Protected

Cloud services, backup/recovery services and accidental damage protection will grow alongside the mobile user segment.

What are the needs of the on-the-go professional?

Get Protected
  • Connectivity / communication with office
  • Connectivity on the go
  • Access to important info
  • Power on the go
Key Accessories
  • Additional Power Supply (External Power Companion)
  • Active Pen
  • Display adapter dongle
  • Briefcase/Backpack
  • Wireless Mouse
  • External hard drive