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Dell Client Support

Complete Client Support
For Evolving Businesses

Rely on priority access to technology experts
so you can maintain a high level of productivity
and minimise disruption
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Keeping PCs, tablets, and other client types up and running is becoming more challenging all the time. Growing mobile workforces, device proliferation, budget constraints and the pressure to do more with less makes it harder than ever to keep employees productive.

Allocating resources to strategic planning and initiatives is critical to long term success, but most IT departments spend 80% of their time on routine maintenance and support instead of innovation — a fact that hasn’t changed in years.

The more we rely on technology every day, everywhere the more we need the right support. Dell has been delivering proactive, automated support in the data center for years and now we are extending this capability to business client systems.

ProSupport Plus

ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist is the only available service for PCs and tablets that automates support to prevent issues before they occur and quickly resolve them when they do. It significantly reduces the time to resolve a failed hard drive with up to 91% less time to resolution and 72% fewer steps. With ProSupport Plus for PCs and tablets you get:

  • 24x7 priority access to hardware and software experts
  • Next business day onsite repair after remote diagnosis
  • Power to manage all your asset alerts from a single portal with TechDirect or use tools you already have like Microsoft SCOM, Remedy, KACE and OpenManage Essentials
  • Proactive monitoring, automated issue detection, failure prevention, notifications, and case creation
  • Repair for accidental damages caused by surges, drops or spills
  • Keeping a hard drive after replacement to ensure data security
  • A dedicated Technical Account Manager


Whether you have a small business or you are a global enterprise, your employees need to feel secure in your selection of end-user hardware.
Your end users need access to expert support to keep up with business momentum and stay productive.

Get proactive support for your business.
Only ProSupport with SupportAssist technology provides proactive responses to critical issues. With in-region engineers, 24x7 support and proactive alerts, ProSupport helps you stay focused on business innovation with:

  • roactive automated detection and alerts on critical issues with Dell SupportAssist technology
  • 24x7 direct access to highly trained engineers
  • Next-business-day on-site support with four- and eight-hour parts-and labor-response options
  • Incident-based third-party software assistance

This product doesn’t allow backorders