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Dell Pro Support


Get the most out of your IT investment
with the support expertise and insights
Dell EMC is known for across the globe
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With the ProSupport Enterprise Suite, you can get the most out of your IT investment with the support expertise and insights Dell EMC is known for across the globe. The ProSupport Enterprise Suite doesn’t just extend your IT team. It enables you to resolve IT questions and problems in less time.

Conquer data center complexity with unwavering support for hardware and software and a smart way to manage the mix of vendors in your environment. Dell EMC offers a single source with the expertise, know-how and capabilities to help you support your business.


ProSupport offers highly trained experts around the clock and around the globe to address your IT needs, minimize disruptions and maintain a high level of productivity. Benefits include:

  • Maximize productivity by leveraging Dell scale and skill
  • Minimize disruptions with around the clock access to highly trained experts
  • Gain efficiency through a single source for all your support needs

Pro-Support Plus

Critical workloads and applications require constant availability. The systems supporting them need more than break/fix support — they need automated, proactive, and predictive measures to get ahead of problems before they happen. ProSupport Plus is the answer.

Created in response to today’s changing data centers and complex environments, ProSupport Plus combines expertise, technology and analytics so you can adopt complex technologies with confidence. This enterprise-class support offer will proactively improve performance and stability of your critical systems, allowing you to focus on your strategic goals. Benefits include:

  • Adopt complex technologies with confidence by relying on our experts
  • Improve performance and stability with automated proactive and predictive recommendations
  • Maximize workload availability with automated support enabled by SupportAssist and Secure Remote Services

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